Real Estate Virtual Tours

Really amazing properties deserve more than just basic photos. I create fully interactive virtual tours of homes so visitors can experience an amazing property through the convenience of their computer or smartphone. View more of my virtual tours at realestate360today.com Services include: Photography Virtual Tours Branded and Unbranded Slideshows Drone Photography and Video Night Photography HDR Photography Window Enhancements Fireplace Enhancements

Real Estate Drone Demo Reel

Aerial photos and video are perfect for capturing houses and properties with amazing views and stunning locations.

Sailors Delight

Outdoor Photography Collection

I love the outdoors. It’s one of the biggest contributing factors to me living in the Appalachian Mountains. Here I’ve put together a collection of my favorite outdoor photos.

Mr. Ashe header

Mr. Ashe

Mr. Ashe is my second album. I wanted this album to be more hard hitting and gritty than my previous album. I really see this work as being well suited for a video game sound track. For this album I pulled inspiration from Jesper Kyd and his work on Assassins Creed and the Hitman series. Cover art by Randy Yang Mr. …

turntable controls in green

DJ Equipment Photoshoot

This is a selection of some photos from a photoshoot with a DJ Company, Music Explosion Sound. These photos were intended for use on the web and advertising for the DJ Company.

Banmier web


Design and setup for my personal music site as well as some content I’ve written and produced.

MSE Website

Music Explosion Sound

Here are some samples of a website redesign I did for a DJ Company, Music Explosion Sound. I wanted everything from the site layout to the color pallet used to embody the energy of a live DJ.