Plugin Tutorials


Streamworks Audio is proud to introduce the FL Studio Masterclass covering an introductory group of Fl Studio and Image-Line plugins. This 11 part series will walk you through a collection of plugins and how they can be used in FL Studio to do everything from create new unique sounds as well as recreate some sounds found in other popular products …

Cataloochee Valley 05

Cataloochee Valley

All scenes are from Cataloochee Valley North Carolina and were filmed in the early fall season.  

boss battle header

Boss Battle Cast – Intro

Boss Battle Cast was a fun project. Here I recorded the music, sound FX, and voice for the intro to this video game review podcast. As a small bonus I also created the logo.

SOMOS header

We are SOMOS

We are … Somos! from Somos, Inc. on Vimeo.   Another fun collaboration with Burch Creative where I created sound FX’s to support the animation.

Voice Acting header

Voice Acting

Here are a series of demo to demonstrate some of my range as a voice actor. My personal favorites to perform are “The Local” and “The Android”. Photography by Fox and Owl Studio

Balloons header


These are the beautiful balloons of the Carolina Balloon Festival held in Statesville, NC. The cinematography is my original content as well as the accompanying music.

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GO FORTH AND BE AWESOME by Banmier Working on a more epic, soundtrack style composition. The idea behind this track is I wanted to create something that starts low, dark and eerie but then grows into a huge crashing juggernaut by then end. In my head I see something like a spy movie scene where they are infiltrating a lab …

Lost Dreams header

Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams by Banmier They’re not my dreams but the dreams I have seen fade in the faces of people around me. Or at least that’s what I thought to begin with… I worked in Social Services. This experience has changed me forever. Originally this album was about the thoughts and emotions imparted on me by several difficult experiences that …

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FL Studio Tutorial Series

For this project I worked with Streamworks Audio to produce a tutorial series for FL Studio 12. All music, copy and voiceover work are my original content and were recorded in my studio.

Lake Junaluska header

Lake Junaluska

Beautiful Lake Junaluska in Western North Carolina early one morning as the fog rolls in. This is truly a magical place. Find a nice quiet bench, watch the birds and find a new, peaceful center. The cinematography is my original content as well as the accompanying music.